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Glass Houses has been chosen in the Top 100 songs for this year’s contest!

I hope you can take a few minutes and enjoy this video of my song Glass Houses. It has been an audience favourite over the years, and as I elaborate in my reflection below – timely for today’s world. Glass Houses also happens to be my entry in the CBC Searchlight contest. If you like it, feel free to give me a vote (Kevin Ryan, PEI). Check out some of the other artists too!

Voting for this round extends until June 8 at 3PM.

Glass Houses. We all live in them. We carefully vet our social media profiles to project perfection while hurling daggers publicly and privately at those vulnerable enough to attempt to be themselves. In the era of dangerous polarization and identity politics, differences of opinion incite barbarous attacks with the intention to draw blood first and ask questions later. We dare not admit to ever making mistakes, and when our “enemies” fall down, we devour the spectacle with glee. But no happiness resides in this stuff. Always being right is exhausting and false. The synaptic electricity of true connection is extinguished. The path to honest debate and understanding is obliterated, leaving us all, to quote Rilke, “unutterably alone.”

About Kevin

Kevin Ryan is many things – nurse, musician, songwriter, storyteller, dad, husband.​

Kevin has combined these passions to create “Nursing Stories and Songs”, an exploration of nursing themes inspired by his experiences as a Registered Nurse.

As a Registered Nurse, Kevin has worked in the fields of Emergency, Home Care, and Mental Health. His goal is to put the patient and family first, understanding that communication and compassion are as important as knowledge and skill. He currently endeavours to instill these values with students in his role as Clinical Nursing Instructor at UPEI’s Faculty of Nursing.

With over twenty-five years as a professional entertainer and songwriter, Kevin is at ease performing to crowds of all sizes in various settings and venues.

Although much has been written and spoken about the art and science of nursing, never before has the subject been explored in song and music. With “Nursing Stories and Songs”, Kevin uses rich narratives and anecdotes to set up well-crafted songs which explore his own nursing journey. He admires and questions nursing practice at the same time and invites the audience to do the same, with an underlying admiration of the nursing profession.

Kevin Ryan portrait



Encountering the multi-talented PEI nurse raconteur and singer/songwriter Kevin Ryan has been an absolute joy. His music and stories are brilliantly crafted and informed by a profound sensibility for all of the complexity that lies beneath the beating heart of every nurse. Kevin has a gift for communicating the heart and soul of nursing practice in a manner that is loving, heart-wrenching, and infused with a delightfully wry sense of humour. He leaves you humming his melodies and bursting with professional pride.
Dr. Sally Thorne
University of British Columbia School of Nursing
I first met Kevin Ryan in high school and immediately knew he was born to entertain.

His positive energy was magnetic. He was someone you just wanted to be around. His laugh would make the whole room happier. He always had something meaningful to say.

Those characteristics infiltrate his music and songwriting. Kevin tells the stories of his heart and community with an honest, unassuming voice. His lyrics speak to your soul, granting the listener the privilege of a front row seat on the incredible journey of a most interesting life.

It’s been over 30 years since I’ve known Kevin. He remains passionate, energetic, funny, thoughtful and ultra-talented. And thankfully, he still has something meaningful to say - and share - with us.
The Honourable Dennis King
Premier of Prince Edward Island
Kevin’s heartfelt and engaging presentation of story and song was a highlight of the conference. Both touching and funny, he left all with a sense that their cups had been filled up. I can’t recommend Kevin enough.
Ida Embleton
2020 Atlantic/Quebec Regional Conference Director, Canadian Nursing Students' Association (CNSA)
Kevin Ryan has created a wonderful presentation which includes stories and songs about nursing. Kevin presented at our Education Day and the presentation was absolutely impressive. It was fast moving with humour and musical talent rolled in. The content of the material was timely and comprehensive in capturing the current types of issues that nurses face in complex work environments. Kevin is a very talented musician and presenter. According to the participants at the Education Day his presentation was one of the highlights of the day.
Dr. Sheila Marchant-Short
It’s been a pleasure to watch Kevin’s growth as a musician and storyteller through the years. As his life experience has grown, so has the richness of his work. His songs resonate long after the music has stopped.
Matt Rainnie
Host, CBC Maintstreet
Kevin Ryan’s Nursing Stories and Songs are nourishment to fuel nurses’ souls. His stories and songs of nurses’ privilege of being with patients at both the best and most challenging times reflect professional pride and serves as inspiration for new nurses developing their careers.
Dr. Jo-Ann MacDonald
Acting Dean, Faculty of Nursing, University of Prince Edward Island
Nurses between the ages of 68 and 93 truly enjoyed the songs. There were lots of smiles and many had tears in their eyes since they were able to relate to the messages which brought back many memories. Kevin is a great entertainer, fun, enjoyable to listen to. I hope his music will inspire young people to choose nursing as a profession. His music could reinforce that nursing is a rewarding career even with all the responsibilities and challenges in today’s world.
Leah Mayne Cainey
P.E.I. Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Committee

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